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Some of you that come across this site (and I hope that many do) may remember me from my days of writing for the Bleacher Report under the pseudonym of Seattle Lion Fan. Bleacher Report, a fine website in its own right, changed philosophies during its growth. As such, it was their decision to remove my writer’s status.

It was possibly one of the best things that could have happened. I had never claimed to be a sports journalist and they were taking a direction in becoming a school for budding writers. But I always wanted to write what I wanted to write about and not have assignments forced upon me. And since I wasn’t making a career of it, it was an amicable separation.

So what have I been doing for the last the last two years? I had been searching for a place that I could write about what I want…my opinions on the Detroit Lions.

There have been plenty of sites that I visited and even joined. All of them are great sites but none of them felt right to me. In fact, one site that I joined, I submitted in article about Michael Sams, the first openly gay person to be drafted by the NFL. I thought it was one of my better written articles and I really didn’t take sides one way or the other. Unfortunately, the owners of the site felt differently and the article was taken down inside of 15 minutes.

It was at that point that I decided that if I was going to write about what I wanted to write about, then I was going to have to start my own site.

While at Bleacher Report, I had written several articles using the Beer Thinker as yet another identity. I had some good reaction to those articles and from there, the germ of an idea grew into the start of Beer Thinker Sports.

I hope that this site can differentiate from the thousands of sports sites that are out there now. I want to grow this site to allow fans, not people who hope to start a journalism career, to write about their teams and say what they want to say.

So I am going to start small and focus on just a few select teams such as the Detroit Lions, Seattle Seahawks and the Seattle Mariners. From there, I will decide at what pace this site will grow depending on the ambitions of others in their respective towns and/or loyalties to their respective teams.

The rules for the site will be simple:

  1. All who are members of this site will give each other the respect that any person deserves. An opinion is just that. It may not agree with yours but respect that others may differ from you. Hopefully, this generates a civil discourse where all sides can feel free to express their opinions without feeling threatened or demeaned.
  2. Flaming will not be tolerated. Swearing will not be tolerated. Bullying will not be tolerated. Name calling will not be tolerated. If you were having any discussion with someone face-to-face, would you behave in this manner? Be civil…you can disagree without stooping to bullying or name calling.
  3. No subject is off limits but there will be an approval process prior to any article getting published. There will be articles that might make people uncomfortable. But that won’t be a constraint to publishing provided the article is well written in a manner that will promote civil discussion.

I also want to have folks write about what goes on their areas. For instance, there are a thousand and one sites out there regarding the PGA. I don’t want to be yet another site that wonders if Tiger Woods is good for the game or not.

What is the favorite place to play in your area? Not the expensive ones that you might play once or twice a year. The places where you hone your skills on a regular basis. I shoot in the mid 90’s and play at a great course called Druid’s Glen. As a member, I pay about $45.00 (with a power cart) and have always been treated great.

And of course, the beer. After all, this is the Beer Thinker Sports web site. Beer and sport have always gone together. Talk with us about the microbreweries in your hometown. Toss is in a place about your favorite BBQ joint or a great steakhouse that always gets that New York strip just right.

The goal of this site is to bring back a sense of community….and if this can be accomplished in one small corner of the World Wide Web then it can be called a success.

Again, welcome to Beer Thinker Sports!

Jim Dunn

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