Today, I Am A Patroits & Falcons Fan!

Yep, I admit it.  Today I am a New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons fan…but for all the right reasons.

First, lets start with the reason why I am an Atlanta Falcons fan:

Falcons Helmet

The Arizona Cardinals visit Atlanta to take on the Falcons.  Most people would see a 9-2 coming to play a 4-7 team as pretty much game not worth watching.

However, with no team in the NFC South having a winning record (Falcons and New Orleans Saints lead the division with 4-7 records), the Falcons desperately need a win to take control of the division.

Which would do a huge favor to the 8-4 Seattle Seahawks who are peaking just at the right moment to make a run at taking the NFC West crown for the second year in a row.

The Cardinals are exposed.  Carson Palmer is out for the season and MSU alum Drew Stanton, performing admirably in his place, doesn’t have quite the accuracy and game experience that Palmer brings.

Also questionable is Larry Fitzgerald who will be a game-time decision.  And while Fitzgerald may no longer be the number one receiver for the Cards, there is no question that he indeed is the heart and soul of the team.

I need to mention that this game is going to be a tough one for my wife Nancy.  She is a huge New Orleans fan but is also very supportive of the Seahawks.  But she has such a great disposition about life, regardless of the outcome, she’ll see it as a win.

Now on to why I am a New  England Patriots fan:

Patriots Helmet

Let me point out right now that I have never like Tom Brady ever since he played for those arrogant assholes, the University of Michigan Wolverines.  Being a Michigan State fan, about the only time I root for the Wolverines is when they play those clowns from Ohio State University…so I was sad to see OSU spank U of M 41-28 yesterday.

But today, I will root for Brady and the Patriots as they visit (think of ESPN’s Chris Berman when you read this) the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field.

Our Detroit Lions have an opportunity to go 3-0 over the next 3 games with 2 home games against the Tampa Bay Bucs and the Minnesota Vikings and a road game against the hapless Chicago Bears, heading to Lambeau at 11-4.

Green Bay has a tougher schedule, starting with today’s game against New England…but not as tough as one would have hoped.

I can see the Packers going 2-2 over the next 4 games with losses against the Patriots (a rare home loss indeed) and a loss against the Buffalo Bills in Buffalo, depending on which Bills team shows up.

That would give the Packers a 10-5 record with the Lions coming to town…with the Lions in the drivers seat.

But it starts today with the Patriots putting together a great defensive and offensive game plan to beat the Packers in Lambeau.

Go Falcons and Go Patriots!


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