Seattle Seahawks and Russell Wilson – Get The Deal Done!

All he does is win games.
All he does is win games.

I’m not so sure what the hold up is on either end of the negotiations between the Seattle Seahawks and Russell Wilson.

Wilson, who has done everything that has been asked of him by the Seahawks, is looking to be paid as an elite status quarterback.  To be honest, I do believe that he has a very strong case.

I understand that he doesn’t have a lot of 300 yard games and isn’t your prototypical NFL quarterback.  But all he does when he’s in the game is win them.

Since he has been the starter, he has gone 36-12 in the regular season, taken the team to the playoffs three straight years, the Super Bowl two years in a row, winning one of them.  The Hawks are 6-2 in playoff appearances in that time.

There has been a speculation that the reason for Wilson’s success is due to having a premiere running back in Marshawn Lynch as well as a top 5 defense during those seasons.  And I agree with that speculation because it’s true.

Why?  Because football is a team sport…and it takes a team of very talented players to get to a Super Bowl let alone win one.  And a great leader at QB to guide them.

Let’s take a look at a football quarterback the complete opposite of Russell Wilson.  This guy is a former player and during his playing days, he was 6’4″ and weighed 240lbs.  Many consider him to be one of the greatest passers to ever play the game, including myself.

I am talking about Dan Marino who played for the Miami Dolphins for 16 years.  And despite all the accolades heaped upon Marino, despite all of the passing yards and 300 yard and 400 yard games, Marino played in only one Super Bowl in 1984, his second season.  The Dolphins lost that game to the San Francisco 49’rs who had another QB that wasn’t your prototypical QB in Joe Montana.

Why didn’t Marino win any rings?  He didn’t ever have a running back to speak of and he had to outscore the other team because many of his defenses were ranked in the lower half of the defensive rankings.  And yet, he is lauded as one of the all-time greats to ever play the game.

Wilson has talent but also knows that he is an integral part of Pete Carroll’s offense that relies on a power running game and a staunch defense.

It’s not that Wilson can’t throw the ball.  He has three 300 yard passing games in his career and is the only player ever to throw for 300 yards and rush for 100 yards in the same game.

But what’s most important is Wilson’s ability to focus…focus on what needs to be done, focus his teammates into reaching for more and an unwavering belief that his team always has a chance to win.

He has 10 fourth quarter comebacks to go along with 15 game winning drives in three years.  He is cool and calm under pressure, takes care of the ball and doesn’t commit many turnovers.  What else do you want your QB to do?

Can anyone tell me how the Seahawks might have done if Tavaris Jackson would have started over the past three years?  Never better than .500 I would guess.

Or perhaps if Wilson hadn’t beaten out Matt Flynn who I believe was an overrated quarterback and would have turned into a turnover machine…and not at all a good fit for Pete Carroll’s offense.

Your quarterback is the team leader.  He is your field captain and he is the only player on the field who handles every single snap on offense.  He’s the one that all the plays funnel through.

So I ask, who else do you want as your NFL QB for the Seattle Seahawks?  I trust Wilson…he makes great decisions on the field and takes care of the ball to give the Seahawks a chance to win every game.

There aren’t many games the Seahawks have been blown out of with Wilson at the helm.  Yes, a lot of that is attributed to the fantastic defense the Hawks have.  But a lot of it can also be attributed to Wilson’s style of play.

So what are the measurable to justify the salary that Wilson could get?  Is it based on passing yards and touchdowns or is it based on wins?  I’ll take the winner thank you very much.

I’m not sure why the Seahawks even want to mess with that.

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