Seattle Seahawk Fans – You Have A Special QB

Russell Wilson has the Seahawks pointed in the right direction.


When Russell Wilson was facing a 3rd down and 4 just before the 2-minute warning, I thought it was going to be a run play to Marshawn Lynch.  Conventional wisdom would dictate you give it to Beast Mode and let him do his thing.

But then these Seattle Seahawks are not exactly a conventional team.

Instead, Wilson fakes the hand-off to Lynch, drifts back to pass and there are three Washington players ready to drill him.  But Wilson glides away to his left and with remarkable accuracy, flips a pass to Lynch for 30 yards.

For those of us who have watched Wilson, now in his 3rd season with the Hawks, this is what we have come to expect.  And all he is doing right now is getting better and better.

What’s downright scary is the fact that he can improve…and most likely will since his craving is to be the best.

Call him a game manager, call him too small to play quarterback, heck, call him anything you want.  But name me one football fan who wouldn’t take Wilson’s success over the last 3 years…say compared to Robert Griffin III?

Seahawk fans, you have a very special player in Russell Wilson and I get the feeling the Hawks are going to be a contending team for at least the next 12 to 15 years because of him.

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