Seattle Hitting Their Stride, Win Over Panthers 31-17

Seahawk Shining

Seattle has it going on again with a solid 31-17 win over the Carolina Panthers.

I wrote yesterday that the Seahawks were going to win 31-14.  Naturally, I heard from several Carolina Panthers supporters that questioned my sanity.  With good reason since the last three times these teams played, Seattle won by a combined 13 points.

However, all of those games were played in Carolina.  It was time for the Panthers to come to Century Link and despite all what they may have been told, there is nothing like 67,000 fans cheering as one.

The Panthers did everything they could to take the 12th Man out of the game.  But the Seahawks were going to have none of that.  They took it to the Panthers.  They forced 3 turnovers and intercepted Cam Newton twice, the back-breaker coming in the fourth quarter when Kam Chancellor stepped in front of a pass and returned it 90 yards for the game’s final touchdown.

Yes, the Seahawks played an excellent defensive game.  But I want to talk about how well Russell Wilson played yesterday.  15 for 22, threw for 268 yards, three touchdowns and zero interceptions.  The line hardly tells how special of a game Wilson played.

His first touchdown came on a 3rd and 9 from the 16 yard line.  Doug Baldwin caught a beautiful floater for the games first score.

Touchdown number two was perhaps his best throw of his career.  Again, on third down from their own 37 yard line, Wilson backed up and saw Jermaine Kearse streaking down the seam.  Wilson let the pass fly and Kearse made a great one-handed catch.  Wilson could not have placed the ball any better even if he hand handed it to Kearse.

His last touchdown, again on third down came in the 4th quarter.  From the Panthers 25 yard line, Russell dropped back and saw Luke Willson in the flat.  He gunned an absolutely perfect passed at the 20 yard line.  Willson had no defenders around him and used his 4.5 speed to get into the end zone.

I also want to point out how great a game that Kam “Bam Bam” Chancellor had.  While the 90 yard pick six was a thing of beauty, Chancellor was all over the field.  Too say that he left it all out there is an understatement.

How bad did Kam want to win this game?  Did anyone see his two jumps over the line in attempts to block field goals?  That alone tells me just how much heart Chancellor has.

I don’t really care which opponent comes to Seattle next.  I am kind of hoping it’s Dallas since I want to have the Seattle defense wipe that goofy look off of Romo’s face.  But I just can’t see the Cowboys beating the Packers in Lambeau.

Take care all and Go Hawks!


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