Seattle Fans – Relax About The Seahawks

Hawks may not be dominating like last year, but they are 5-3 and winning
Hawks may not be dominating like last year, but they are 5-3 and winning.

Over the past few weeks, I have heard, mostly from media but fans as well, saying the Seahawks aren’t the team they were last year.

Know what?  Those people are absolutely correct in their assessment.  This isn’t the same team as last year.  They aren’t as deep as they were and other teams around them have improved as well.

But to disparage this year’s version isn’t right.  We have 16 games on the schedule and each team that we play is going to give us their best shots.  They get up just a bit higher when they know they are facing the defending Super Bowl Champions.

Here’s what I know:  The Seattle Seahawks are going to be just fine this year.  No, I am not predicting they will repeat as Super Bowl Champs (though I would love to see that happen).  But I will say they are primed to start playing the best football they can….Starting with the New York Giants who seem to implode each week.  But do not ever count a Tom Coughlin team out of it until the game is over.

Which brings me to a point I really want to make.  Those of you who think the win over the Oakland Raiders is diminished because we didn’t beat them by 4 touchdowns, you don’t know football.  The Raiders came to Seattle with nothing to lose and played with a lot of pride and skill…and they are just hoping to get off the snide.  It would have been their Super Bowl if they had gotten their first win of the season against the Champs…don’t you think they put forth their best effort knowing who they were playing?

Besides, there is no difference between a win by 6 points or a win by 60 points.  They both count the same in the win column.

I’ll leave you with this to ponder…what if last years team finished 11-5, still went to the Super Bowl, played Denver and won 17-8 instead of 43-8?  Would we still be having this conversation?

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