Seahawks vs Rams – Time for Payback!


It's Payback Time!
It’s Payback Time!

With all due respect to my good friends Rick and Bonnie, long time Rams fans, I have a sneaking suspicion that the Hawks aren’t going to be fooled this time around.

The last time these teams met was back on October 19th in St. Louis where the Rams prevailed 28-26.

If you look at this game on paper, you would have sworn the Hawks had this game…and you would have been right if it not for 3 very big plays by the savvy Rams.

C’mon now, we must give the Rams their due.  They have played all year long with a dub-par offensive team but an outstanding defense along with some very good special teams.  Granted, I’m sure many a Seahawk fan felt the Rams stole this game.  Again, you would be right but all is fair in love and war…and NFL football.

The first play involved the Rams making it appear one player was going to get a punt when in reality, it was another player on the opposite side of the field.  Stedman Baily took that punt 90 yards for a score.  Tavon Austin should be nominated for an Oscar for his depiction of staggering under the kick if he were going to receive it.

Another Rams score was set up by Benny Cunningham who took a  squib kick out of the end zone for a 75 yard return that set up another Rams score.

And of course, the play that stunned almost everyone except the  Rams themselves.  The fake punt that had punter Johnny Hekker completing an 18 yard pass on 4th and 3 to keep their drive alive.

Not that the Seahawks didn’t have their opportunities…and cashed in on most of them.  They came storming back and as I indicated above, statistically, out performed the Rams.  They gained 462 total yards against the Rams 275 yards.

Russell Wilson had 313 yards passing with 2 touchdowns and no interceptions along with 106 yards on the ground with one TD.

But the Rams did better than the Hawks in the most important statistic:  They put more points on the board than the Hawks.

So what’s the key to this game?  Watch for the Rams trickery.  While they may be out of the playoffs and the Hawks are in, the Rams would like nothing more that to make the Hawks playoff run as difficult as possible.

It will be another close one but Hawks will come out on top, 30-28.

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