Seahawks – 24, 49rs – 13: Must Win Game for Seahawks

It’s time to see if the team meeting the Seahawks had prior to the Arizona Cardinal game will travel well.

These Seahawks had a team meeting which I am sure a lot of things were said that needed to be said.  I’ve been in some of those and while some feelings may have gotten hurt, the majority of time, it worked.  A meeting like that is tough for everyone but in the end, it builds trust and gets the focus back on doing your job rather than placing blame on each other.

It was a good thing to do prior to a home game…and while it was an important home game, that trust and confidence in each other is going to be put to a very difficult test down in San Francisco.  And I have a strong feeling that the Seahawks are going to pass it.

This team is built around the run.  The Seahawks have Marshawn Lynch who doesn’t seem to have a stop button on the field.  Get him the ball and have the road graders up front clear a path…and if it’s not cleared completely…that’s OK, Beast Mode will clear it on his own.

Outside of Lynch, the Seahawks really don’t have a star player that can take over a game when needed.  Sure, Russell Wilson has proven many a time that he can get the Hawks down the field but where is that receiver that he can count on?  Don’t get me wrong, I think Baldwin and Kearse are good receivers….but neither of those guys really scare anyone.

But there is a great chemistry on this team…they play for each other which is going to carry them far.

The defense, which defines the Seahawks, need to step up big.  And they should be able to with them being as healthy as they have ever been.

I think that early on, we need to have Kam Chancellor make a big hit on someone to set the tone.  To send a message that this is going to be a war and there will be no easy gains.

So I see this game being close most of the game but Lynch will bust off a couple of great runs in the fourth quarter to seal it.  Lynch will rush for at least 125 and have 2-3 touchdowns on the day.

I wouldn’t want to be the team that is facing the Seahawks when they have their backs against the wall…but if there was ever a team that could match them, it’s these 49rs.

Gonna be a bash fest…but Hawks win, 24, 13.

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