New England Wins Super Bowl 28-24: Should Thank Seahawks

Kinda makes you just a little bit sick, right?
Kinda makes you just a little bit sick, right?

This was not the picture I wanted to see.  I wanted Tom Brady to be sullen and morose because the Seahawks took away his bid to win four Super Bowls.

Instead, the Seahawks did something that just defies any kind of logic known to man.  With 20 seconds left, poised to go into the end zone for the win, with a timeout still in the bank, they elected to pass.

It was a gimme interception that Patriots rookie cornerback Malcolm Butler will remember for the rest of his life.

Pete Carroll fell on the sword for the Seahawks saying the decision to throw was his.  Darrell Bevel indicated that he made the call and said that Butler made a great play on the ball.  Russell Wilson said it was on him for not making the play.

The thing is, when you have a 5’11” 215 pound freak of nature named Marshawn Lynch, why in the hell would you even think about throwing?

Thing of it is, that one mistake wiped out all the good things that occurred in that game.

Anyone going to be talking about Chris Matthews with his 4 incredible catches for 109 yards with a touchdown?  We going to be talking about how well Lynch ran going for 102 yards and a score?  Will Jermaine Kearse improbable laying on the back catch be mentioned?

Not too much because of what many people are calling the “worst coaching decision” in the history of the game.  I think this even beats Marty Mornhinweg’s coin toss debacle and rationalized it as “we wanted the wind” when he was head coach of the Detroit Lions.

This one hurt.  But the Seahawks and the 12th Nation will be OK.  I am 90% sure when the Hawks come home, there will be a welcoming committee for them with chants of “We’ll get em next year!” and I don’t think they will be off the mark.

Seattle is still going to be the team to beat in the NFC next year.  And I would think they need just a few tweaks to maintain their level of excellence.  Love to see them get a big-bodied and fast wide-receiver to give them yet an even better passing game.  Perhaps Chris Matthews will fill that role if his performance in Super Bowl 49 wasn’t a fluke.

Some additional help on the offensive line should be a priority as well.  Need to cut down the number of sacks that Russell Wilson takes.  Keep him clean and he will be even better.

While this Super Bowl loss hurt, because of the way the Seahawks are built, they will use this game as a huge motivator for the 2015 season.  This will be a huge chip on their collective shoulders and I actually feel just a little bit sorry for the teams they face next season…well, almost.

And despite the fact that the Patriots should thank the Seahawks for their Super Bowl win, they played a hell of a game as well…just too bad that it had to end the way that it did.

Congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks for an outstanding season!

Seahawk Shining

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