Lions Will Stun Cowboys – Seahawks Next?

Stafford & Romo are the engines for their teams success
Stafford & Romo are the engines for their teams success

So here we are, in the NFC Wildcard game against the Dallas Cowboys.

I can’t say that I wasn’t disappointed in the way the Lions performed last week against Green Bay.  To have the opportunity to take the NFC North division, get a bye week and host a playoff game in Detroit for the first time in 24 years should have been motivation enough to play your guts out.

However, the Lions are in the playoffs with an 11-5 record.  And we have a pretty good success rate against the Dallas Cowboys.  Including playoffs, the Lions are 12-13 against the Cowboys.  Granted the Lions record at Dallas 3-8, I have to point out the Cowboys home record this year.

We’ve all heard the Cowboys have gone 8-0 on the road, they are a mediocre 4-4 at home.  They haven’t protected their home turf very well at all.

The Lions can’t take anything for granted tomorrow.  They need to play like it’s the last game…because it is.  Win or go home.

It’s time for our stars, Calvin Johnson, Golden Tate, Reggie Bush and most importantly, Matthew Stafford to play like we expect them to

I suspect that the Green Bay game was a wake-up call for the Lions.  They are hanging on the edge and if they want to make this season special, they need to stay out there and lay it all out on the line…Win or go home.

No amount of coaching is needed now.  It’s game on.  These guys should have already played this game in their heads, now they just need to execute…win or go home.

Go Lions!



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