Lions vs Packers – Time To Step Up Is Right Now!

Lions Beat The Packers to Make 2014 The Best Christmas Ever!
Lions Beat The Packers to Make 2014 The Best Christmas Ever!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

There isn’t a Lions fan out there right now that isn’t sending as much positive energy as they can to the Detroit Lions right now.

We head into Lambeau Field, a place that has been a nightmare for us for the past 23 years.  What better time to exercise a demon than this Sunday?

I was a little miffed that NBC decided to change the Sunday Night game from Lions/Packers to Bengals/Steelers.  After all, I am way the heck out here in the Great Northwest and Lions games are kinda hard to come by.

But I have the NFL Red Zone (A moment of pause here.  I would like to nominate the person that came up with this fantastic idea for the Nobel Peace Prize) so I will be able to see much of the game.  Granted, its not quite the same but we must make do with what we can, right?

I really hope that the Lions spent extra time watching tapes of the Packers and Buffalo Bills from two weeks ago. The Bills exposed some weaknesses that the Lions front four can use as well as the areas of the secondary that Matthew Stafford can attack with Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate.  Our two receivers are way better than the combination of Sammy Watkins and Robert Woods.

While the Buffalo Bills didn’t score any touchdowns thru the air and Kyle Chandler only threw for 158 yards, they were very effective yards.  It put the middle linebackers on their heels which allowed Fred Jackson and Company to run for 117 yards.

But it was the defense that saved the day for the Bills.  Bacarri Rambo intercepted Rodgers twice and the Bills defense sacked him once but harassed and knocked him down several times during the game.

Lions will need to go after Rodgers all day long and never let up.  Lions defensive coordinator Teryl Austin needs to dial it up with some blitz packages to put Rodgers on the ground.

It will be the offense that needs to really step up.  Stafford needs to have long drives to keep Rodgers on the sidelines and to tire out the Packers defense.  And those long drives need to end in touchdowns to keep as much pressure as possible on the Packers offense, to make them one dimensional and constantly play catch-up.

As you may have noticed, I am not putting a predicted score…but I do get a sense that it is the Detroit Lions time right now.  And as long as they have just one more point on the scoreboard than the Packers, we are the division champs and get a week off…and host a playoff game.

That would indeed make this a great football holiday season.

Go Lions!

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