Lions, Bucs Prediction – Lions Keep Rolling, 28-10 Over Bucs

Lions Bucs Score

Here come the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  Lions should take care of these guys, right?  No problem, put the Lions at 9-4 and look forward to taking care of the Minnesota Vikings and we’ll be 10-4 before going to take on a dysfunctional Chicago Bears team, sweeping them and having an 11-4 record before heading into Lambeau Field.

This scenario I just laid out is what Lions fans in the past have laid out whenever the Lions seem to be finally righting the ship.  And time and again, we have our hearts crushed as the Lions spiral to yet another dismal season without getting into the playoffs.

Fortunately, we have Jim Caldwell who is having none of that.  He has the Lions putting their focus on where it should be, beating the resurgent Tampa Bay Bucs team who could surprise the Lions.

As of right now, the 8-4 Lions are in the hunt to make the playoffs due to the Cowboys beating the Bears Thursday night.

But here’s the thing:  The Lions do control their own destiny.  All they need to do is take care of what they can and that’s beating the team they are playing each week.  Detroit cannot worry what the Packers, Seahawks, Cowboys or Saints are going to do.  Keep wining to put the pressure on those teams and take the pressure off themselves to not lose.

There have been times the Lions, the rare times they have been in this spot, where they have done just that.  Instead of focusing on playing to win, they play not to lose which is a different way to play.  They should not deviate from what got them this far.  Don’t play scared, play fierce.  Don’t play to keep from getting hurt, lay everything on the line as though it was the last game because it very well could be.

Yes, this could be a trap game for the Lions.  But the team is getting healthier each week.  This week, Stafford will have another weapon to use with the return of Reggie Bush.

For one more week the Lions take care of business, 28-10.

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