Lions 42, Bears 7: Bears Give Lions An Early Christmas Present!

Right Now, The Bears Are A Mess...And The Lions Aren't Going To Do Them Any Favors.
Right Now, The Bears Are A Mess…And The Lions Aren’t Going To Do Them Any Favors.

OK, the predicted score may be based on my total dislike of Bears fans.  But when the Lions were down, how often did the Bears come to town and mash us…and how we had to endure the insults of Bears fans in the process.

I have little sympathy for the Bears but I have to admit I know what they are going through.  Inept management, ineffective coaching and players who have little motivation to succeed.

That being said, I have a strong feeling the Lions will dominate the Bears to the point of embarrassment.  So much that it will more than likely cost head coach Marc Trestman his job and could be the final days of Jay Cutler.

The Lions defense is riding high right now and the mistake prone Bears will just add fuel to the fire.  If they think that Jimmy Clausen will fare any better than Cutler would, they are sadly mistaken.

Clausen was  pretty good QB for Notre Dame but once again, being a good QB in College doesn’t mean you are going to be a good QB at the Pro level.  Clausen, in his three years with the Carolina Panthers, played in 13 games, all in 2010.  His stats show him attempting 299 passes, completing a little over 50% of them with three touchdowns and nine interceptions.  I guess there was a reason Clausen didn’t see the field over the next two years.

There is also an issue with his character.  In 2010, the Panthers still had Steve Smith who for the longest time was all the Panthers had as far as an offensive weapon.  It all boiled down to that Smith pretty much thought Clausen was a punk.  If that meant that Clausen couldn’t play the game, Smith wasn’t that far off as Clausen went 16 of 33 for 188 yards, tossing one interception and losing two of three fumbled snaps.

I’m not sure the reasoning for making a change at the Bears QB spot right now but it’s a desperate move.  Cutler may be mistake prone but he is the best QB the Bears have right now.  Granted, Cutler can also be called a punk since he can be stubborn and rely too much on his arm.  And if this is a disciplinary thing, it’s too little too late if you want to face reality.

All I can say to the Bears is thanks for the early Christmas present!

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