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I have been getting a lot of likes on Facebook but I overlooked one important aspect of what I was hoping boosting posts would do for the site:  Get Members!

I want to give anyone an opportunity to write about their favorite sports team.  I am a die-hard Lions fan and a huge Seahawk fan as well.  But there are many other teams in the NFL and most of the sites out there all seem to be writer based with fans perhaps posting their responses to articles.

Those are OK but do they really get out what you want to say?

This isn’t going to be a site for sportswriter wanna-be’s.  The intent of this site is to have fans give their thoughts about their teams, be it good or bad.

Trust me, when I first got into writing about the Lions, it was during the days of the site.  I wrote a lot of articles for that site as well as the Bleacher Report.

So you got something to say, come say it!

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