Detroit’s Food Scene

My wife Nancy and I have traveled back home to Detroit to see my Mom who is 91 years young.

During our time here, we always have to hit a couple of our favorite places to eat.  On this trip, we were able to get our Mexican Village fix as well as our square pizza fix from the Cloverleaf.

I just had a thought….if we could put together Detroit’s food and Seattle’s craft beers, it could be considered  a sensory overload for the taste buds!

Detroit has some of the best Mexican food that you could ever taste.  We normally go to the Mexican Village restaurant out in Utica but Nancy cut my teeth on Mexican food when she took me to the original Mexican Village in Downtown Detroit.

I have also had the pleasure of eating at Xochimilco on Bagley Avenue in Downtown Detroit which is even better than Mexican Village.  But not by much!

Granted, the only thing I get at both places is the chicken enchiladas.  I have ventured in to other parts but man, when you have perfection sitting in front of you, why go to anything else?

The other staple in Detroit is square pizza.  Has a kid growing up, we often had Cal’s deep dish pizza.  Cal’s had a couple of places if I remember correctly.  On Warren Avenue between Bedford and Devonshire and then again on Harper Avenue near the Old Harper Sporting Goods store.

Both places have closed but I understand that the Cal’s recipe has found a home at Gee Willies in St. Clair Shores.

But what is perhaps the best deep dish pizza in the area comes from the Cloverleaf Bar and Restaurant in East Pointe.  The crust is nice and crispy with a flavor that really can’t be described.  You need to experience it because if I have to tell you what it taste like, you aren’t going to get it.

It’s been nice being back here and watching the Lions win against the Vikings…and I know that they will win again this Sunday against the Bears.  But alas, we will be back in Seattle with our great beer but perhaps not so great Pizza.  Nancy makes tremendous Mexican food so it won’t be too much of a withdrawal.

Take care everyone!

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