Detroit Lions – The Cure for What Ails Any NFL Team

Tell Doctor Lion what your problem is.
Tell Doctor Lion what your problem is.

I have realized the new role for the Detroit Lions…they are the cure all for any NFL team that needs a confidence boost.

Got a problem with your passing game?  Only averaged 15% scoring touchdowns in the Red Zone?  Haven’t had a 100 yard rushing game in 3 years?  Defense hasn’t been getting sacks or turnovers?

Come to Ford Field or Dr. Lion can come to you.  We guarantee to cure what is ailing your football team.

As I sit here watching the game between Detroit and Kansas City, I see the Lions are making the 2-5 Chiefs look like they should be 5-2.  Huge chunks of yardage given up to Alex Smith who is going to end up with about 75-80 yards of rushing BECAUSE NO DEFENSIVE PLAYER KEPT THEIR EYES ON HIM!

You know, I could understand if the Lions had just one area of their game that was an issue.  But it’s all phases of the game on offense and defense.

The offensive line cannot keep allowing Matthew Stafford to continue keep getting beat up.  As I write this, FOX put up a graphic on Matthew Stafford’s dropbacks.   32 times Stafford went back to pass and he was sacked seven times and hit 11 times.  Kind of ticks you off when you see Tom Brady drop back and barley gets his hair ruffled for the entire game!

So let’s get to another area that seems to be a bane to the Lions:  The non-existent running game.  I don’t think it’s all totally a lack of talent.  Joique Bell or Ameer Abdullah are capable running backs.  I have to go back to the offensive line.  They don’t have the ability on a regular basis to open holes.  Bell had a great run for 32 yards on the opening drive.  Since then, Bell has only gained an additional 25 yards on 6 carries.

The defense?  The defensive line is getting pushed around and bullied by the Kansas City Chiefs offensive line.  In fact, just about every team the Lions have played thus far has made them look like fools.

Can’t stop the run and can’t stop the pass.  Not a good defense at all.  Granted, part of that is because they are out on the field way too long.  The Lions offense can’t expect the defense to bail them out all the time.  The offense has got to do their part by having long, sustained drives.

Prior to this game the Lions are ranked 27th in overall defense, allowing 392 yards per game and giving about 28 points a game.  And because the Lions don’t have the offensive acumen to get into shootouts with other teams, they are damn lucky to have one win this season.

Looking at the current teams that have had success over the last few years, one has to wonder what they are doing that the Detroit Lions aren’t.

How did the Seattle Seahawks get to two Super Bowls in a row with so few high round draft picks?  How do the Green Bay Packers seem to always have such good receivers?

And the most poignant team example are the New England Patriots who seem to always find players that no one else wants and makes them Pro Bowlers.

Seems to me the Lions are like the kid in elementary school that is smart as a whip but never gets good grades.  You know the one where during the parent/teacher conference, the teachers says “You know, Jimmy could be a great student if only he would apply himself.”

Sad that the Detroit Lions have gone  58 years without a championship…and looks like it will be 59 after this year.

Sad that ownership can’t see that they way conduct football business hasn’t been working for the past three decades.

Sad that this team that I love, from the city I was born in, can’t give the fans what they deserve for being so loyal despite stinking up the place more often than not.

This team can’t continue to be the cure for what ails other teams…they need to start being a problem for them.

I will continue to root for the Lions but I will also continue to speak out as to what their problems are.

It isn’t really the coaching though we can all admit that it has been unimaginative on both sides of the ball this season.

No, the real failure starts at the very top…much like it always has been when William Clay Ford was alive and now it’s his wife, Martha Ford.

It trickles down to Tom Lewand and Martin Mayhew who seem to want to continue to play it safe so they can protect their jobs.  Those two have the ability to keep blaming coaches and players for the failure of the team.

My gut tells me that within the next 4-5 years, the Lions are going to be up for sale.  They will stay in Detroit since right now, the infrastructure they have is too good to move hem out.  A state of the art stadium, great practice facility and despite having teams that generally suck, a fantastic fan base.

With that sale, their would have to be a total clearing of upper management.  The new owner would have to be pretty ruthless and want to have success based on performance rather than loyalty.

I’d just to like to this take place sooner rather than later.

Go Lions!

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