Detroit Lions – Second Half Will Be A Challenge

Stafford:  Calm and Cool.  But more heat is on the way.
Stafford: Calm and Cool. But more heat is on the way.

Well all right.  Lions win another thriller this time coming back 21 points down against the Atlanta Falcons.

I had mixed feelings about getting up extra early to catch the game that aired at 6:30 since it was being played in London.  And I’m pretty sure that I was thinking the same thing that every Lions fan was thinking…they are asleep and the Falcons are going to walk all over them.

We all know that an offense can go flat…but what doesn’t go flat is defense.  And even when Nick Fairly went out, the Lions D came out in the second half and played like the number one defense they are.  They stuffed the run, rattled Matt Ryan into making a very bad decision and didn’t panic when they did not make the 2-point conversion.

And isn’t it fitting that it came down to a field goal?  Matt Prater, the 3rd kicker the Lions have used this year, could be steal of the year.  Granted, he had his issues but I am certain the Lions brain-trust did their due diligence in vetting him…and Prater appears to have put his troubles in the past.

If that’s true, he could be the Lions kicker for the foreseeable future.

And how about that Golden Tate?  Lions have now won three straight with out Calvin Johnson and without Reggie Bush.  I applaud the decision that Caldwell has made to keep them both out until after the bye since we are going to need them with all of the divisional games coming up.

If the Lions defense can keep them in the game until the offense gets healthy, we have a great shot at winning the division!

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