Detroit Lions – One Pride, Lions Will Not Be Standing Alone.

Detroit One Pride

Today when the Detroit Lions play the Green Bay Packers, it will be the most important game they will have played in over two decades.

We need to exercise the demons that we celebrated getting a high first-round draft pick.  We need to forget all the bad coaching decisions that were made.  We need to forget the debacle of Matt Millen who’s influence on this team will finally be forgotten.

Now is the time to celebrate the defense that has carried this team all year long.  We need to celebrate the qualities of Matthew Stafford who has stepped up his game this year.  We need to celebrate the magic of Calvin Johnson who without a doubt will go down in NFL history as one of the best wide receivers ever to put on an NFL uniform.

But most of all, we need to thank these Detroit Lions.  From my point of view, they have done so much to unite Detroit.  Between the Lions and the Detroit Tigers, they have once again made downtown Detroit a vibrant again.

I was born and raised in Detroit, as was my wife.  While we have moved to Seattle and haven’t been through what our fellow Detroiters had to endure, we both still have friends and family that kept us appraised.

Personally, I read the Detroit Free Press every day, mostly to keep up with what goes on both within the city as well as the sports scene.  I was heart-broken to hear that Detroit, after all the years of financial mismanagement went bankrupt.

But I was equally proud that my hometown pulled it together and are now coming out of it.  We were back in the area last week and while there are still areas that are reminders of the blight Detroit has faced for the last few decades, there is a palatable difference in the air.   Attitudes are more positive…all of the people we encountered were positive and polite.  We were treated with respect everywhere we went.

Lions have a lot to play for today…not just for the division but for the city itself.  When out Lions take the field today, they will not stand alone.  All Detroit Lions fans, regardless of where they are, will be standing with them…

One Detroit, One Pride.

Go Lions!


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