Detroit Lions Lose at Dallas – It All Started With Green Bay

Ashamed Lion

A hard fought game yesterday surrounded in controversy.  What a shocker!

There isn’t anybody out there in the Lion’s Nation that was more heartbroken than I was yesterday.  But surprisingly, I was pretty stoic about it.

The reason for my stoicism?  The Lions shouldn’t have even been in Dallas.  They should have been at home, being the #2 seed in the NFC waiting for their opponent to come see them at Ford Field this upcoming weekend.

The Lions laid a big, fat, stinky egg at Lambeau Field against the Packers on the last day of the 2014 NFL season.  If they had put together the same type of effort they did in the first half of the playoff game, they could have beaten the Packers, won the division and have had a home playoff game.

But that isn’t the Lions way, is it?  They went into Lambeau knowing no matter the outcome of the game, they were in the playoffs and they let up.  They let up against a team that knows a thing or two about winning Super Bowls and what home field advantage means.

While first-year coach Jim Caldwell and his staff did a fine job this season, I have to lay the blame at Caldwell’s feet for this one.  There should have been reminder after reminder that the Green Bay game was the start of the playoffs for the Lions and it should have been viewed as a must win game for them.

As for the Wild Card game, the Lions came out very hot, putting up 14 points in the Cowboys.  But again, they let up on the gas.  Someone needs to send these guys a memo:  There is no such thing as too many points scored in the NFL, especially if you are on the road and in a playoff game.

I will not point to the call as the reason for the Lions losing this game.  The call occurred with over eight minutes left in the game and the Lions still had the lead.

I will point to the decision to line up after the call to try and hard count the Cowboys into a false start on 4-1.  This is the playoffs, you win or go home.  In my opinion, they should have snapped the ball and given it to Joique Bell.

I will also point to the 10 yard shanked punt.  That gave the Cowboys the ball in great field position and it was the mistake the Cowboys were waiting for the Lions to make.

Despite all of that, I am still very proud of this Lions team and the great job that Caldwell did.  This was a much more stable team in recent years and if they can play smart with the draft and upcoming contract negotiations, they will again be a threat to take the NFC North.

I am a Lions fan…now and for as long as I live!


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