Detroit Lions – 45, Chicago Bears – 13: Lions Need Big Win

Lions Bears Score

Yes, I am going out on a limb.  But the Lions need a win and they need a win that will give them confidence.

What the Lions need, and this goes for us fans as well, is to forget any history…forget the 3 come from behind wins, forget the dismal outing against the Cardinals and Patriots and just go out and kick some Chicago ass.

A big win in this fashion does a lot of things to a team.  It tells them they can play with the big boys.  It shows they have amnesia when it comes to previous games…and most important of all, they can believe in themselves and start trusting each other and just play football.

My philosophy, if I were the head coach (and its probably a good reason I’m not) is I would preach to these guys that this game is the most important game they are going to play…and when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers come to Ford Field on December 7th, that will be the most important game…and so on.  They need to learn to take on what’s in front of them, forget what happen and take care of business.

So what if Matt Stafford had one of his worst passing days last week…throw the freaking ball to Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate and send a message to the Bears secondary that we have the best receivers and we don’t care who you got covering them…we’re throwing to them.

Don’t give a rip  that Bush has been injured the last 2 games…set up a fake end around and hit him with a screen pass and let him go nuts.  Give Joique Bell the ball and let him pound away at the Bears defense.

As for our defense, forget about last week and get after the QB.  Sack 4 or 5 times and hit him often enough that he gets happy feet.

Get a spy on Matt Forte and hang on until the rest of the D gets there to pile on…wear him down so he becomes less effective later on in the game.

Brandon Marshall?  Make no changes in the secondary…keep those focused on taking away the inside slants and force Cutler to go to his 3rd and 4th options…because if he does that, he’ll being saying “hello” a lot to Nadmukong Suh, Ezekiel Ansah and Andre Fluellen a lot.

Happy Thanksgiving to all Lions Fans, wherever you are…you too Bears fans but I’m still hoping for a big Lions win.

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