Denver Wins Super Bowl – Newton Reveals True Self

CryBaby Cam

The Denver Broncos defense played an outstanding game and took poor Cam Newton to the woodshed.  The 24-10 win the Broncos accomplished was perhaps one of the most accurately planned I’ve seen in a while.

Denver knew they could win this game by accomplishing one thing…put a beat down on Cam Newton and never let up.

Cam always said that if you don’t like what I do when I score a touchdown, don’t let me score.  The Broncos must really hate what he does since he barely had a sniff of the end zone.

There has been plenty of Cam bashing prior, during and after the game.  I don’t like to pile on but his actions remind me of a three year old who doesn’t get his way.  I almost heard, when he walked out of his post game press conference, Cam whining to his mother “Mom, they didn’t let me win the game!”

Reading about Cam defending himself for walking out that he admits to being a sore loser, I agree with him saying “Who likes to lose? You show me a good loser and I’m going to show you a loser. It’s not a popularity contest. I’m here to win football games.”

I’m pretty sure that every football player feels the same way.  It’s not a popularity contest, it’s about winning the biggest game played.  One team wins and another loses.  And while I agree with his sentiment, there is one thing that Cam lacks in all of this and that’s respect.

Respect for the other team finding a way to beat him.  Respect for not recognizing the brilliant coaching job to come up with that game plan.  Respect for his teammates who looked to him to lead and all he could do was blame them for not doing what was needed.

There is an expected classiness between opposing players.  Peyton Manning, despite how I personally feel about him, always, always showed class and respect to the opposing team and QB in particular.

Newton, at the end of the game, did walk up to Manning but failed to take his helmet off and congratulate Manning for the win in what is sure to be his last game.

Panthers head coach Ron Rivera attempted to defend Newton when Newton spoke to the media today about his actions: “Obviously somebody had a great conversation with him and explained it to him and he was able to compose himself and speak to you folks,” he said. “That’s huge. What he did today was a part of his growth. He is still growing and maturing as a man in this world.”

Hold the phone here…this guy is 26 years old, been in the NFL for five years and someone needed to talk to him so that he could compose himself?  He still is maturing as a man in this world?

I understand that 26 is still young but I know maturity from 21 years of age to 26 is monumental.  By 26 years of age, most people get how they should act and show some measure of respect to others.

These actions that he does, the dabbing, the temper tantrums, the immaturity of walking out of a press conference, does nothing but hurt what good things that he does do.

Cam does have a passion for helping kids.  He has been known to give $200 dollars to each kid at a sporting goods store during Christmas so those kids could by presents for themselves and families.

Anytime that he scores a touchdown (after the dabbing crap), he seeks out a child to give the football too.

These are fine acts of someone who cares.

But none of this matters because of the lack of respect he shows his team when they lose nor the respect not shown to the opposing team for beating him.  I totally get this is a competitive game and no one like to lose.  but Cam is going to have other opportunities, the least he could have said was “We’ll get you next time.”

Instead, he chose to be selfish.  And that impression will last more than any good that he may do.

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