NFL Football

The season has officially opened…and this is where I suspect I will have the most traffic.

Each city that has an NFL team has a fan base that is very loyal to that team.  I grew up in Detroit and have been a Lions fan for as long as I remember…and I still have a very strong allegiance to them despite the fact I have not lived there since 1992.

My wife and I moved to the Pacific Northwest over 20 years ago but there I am, looking for any information that I can on the Lions.  Thank the heavens for NFL RedZone which allows me to follow them.

I have been often asked why don’t I switch allegiance to the Seattle Seahawks?  To be fair, I do cheer on the Hawks and was grateful to be part of their Super Bowl victory.  But part of me was sad because it wasn’t my Lions.

Those of you that remember the days of the old site (where the Seattle Lion Fan was born) knew how critical I was of the Ford Family…but just in regards to how they ran their football team.  The Fords in Detroit are royalty and have done so much for the city.

I was pretty ticked off at some of the callousness of folks that publicly stated that when William Clay Ford, Sr. passed away, the Lions might finally have a chance to succeed.  Granted, there was no one more critical of the Fords than me.  Did I want the Lions to win?  Yes.  Did I want the Fords to sell the team to give them that chance?  Yes, provided the team stayed in Detroit.

But I did not harbor any ill will toward Mr. Ford.  I may have questioned his sanity when he did hire Matt Millen, but then I was among the many that did as well.

I would imagine that all NFL teams have their criticisms of their ownerships.  A few that come to mind would be Dan Snyder of Washington, Jerry Jones of the Cowboys and Jerry Richardson of the Carolina Panthers.

So here is where I’d like to see opinions of what you think of your teams…again, please keep it respectful…we’re all adults here, right?

Thoughts from a Common Man

This is where I get to be a bit selfish.

I plan on writing whatever is on my mind in this section and only I will be able to post to it.  I will welcome comments regarding the articles that I write, but this section is for me.

What subjects will I cover?  It’s pretty wide open.  It can be political, sports, scientific or just plain rants or raves.

For example,  I would have loved to have written an article about Michael Sam, the first openly gay player to be drafted by the NFL or any professional sports team.

My opinion is that it just doesn’t fricking matter.  And why should it?  He plays the game of football and in college, played at a pretty high level.  But I suspect the reason he dropped to the 7th round was because teams didn’t want to deal with the media pressure that surrounds the fact he’s gay.

Let’s put this into perspective.  Hypothetically, it’s the 2014 draft.

Your team needs a QB, desperately.  There is a player coming out of college who has been compared to several great QB’s of the past, saying he’s got the quickest release since Dan Marino, an arm that rivals Brett Farves and has the coolness of Joe Montana under pressure.

This guy is NFL ready and will get your team to the Super Bowl inside of three years.

Excited?  Would be ticked if your team, one that desperately needs a QB, didn’t take him?

Two weeks before the draft, he announces he is gay.  Still want him?  Does him being gay affect the fact that he can be one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game?  Would it affect that he would help your team to the Super Bowl inside of three years?

Love to hear your thoughts.